Tyler Jazz

Guitar, Bass Guitar and Ukulele Located at the Perfect 5th

Title: Instructor of Guitar, Bass Guitar and Ukulele

Genres: Classical Guitar, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country, and Heavy Metal

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

Education: MFA in progress at Berklee College Of Music, BA Guitar Composition at Messiah University, AA in Music Industry at HACC Harrisburg

Tyler Jazz's Summary

A versatile musician with a broad range of talents, Tyler is able to offer instruction based on each student’s skill levels and goals. He teaches a wide variety of students from beginner to intermediate levels on all types and sizes of guitars, basses and ukuleles (Classical, Acoustic, Electric, Concert, Soprano, Tenor, Baritone and Bass) embracing all styles of music, offering unique lesson plans individualized to each student. Tyler always meets the students at their level whether the student reads tablature, sheet music, lead sheets or simply learns by ear. Tyler has taught all age groups from 5 years of age to 72 years of age, and finds great value in making sure that all of his students are prepared for a lifelong journey in making music

Tyler’s initial approach to the new student depends greatly on the student’s goals. Teaching everything from classical guitar, jazz, blues, rock, country, and heavy metal. During lessons Tyler teaches by using a plethora of resources from, method books, videos, audio examples and his own written lesson plans. Showing students the basic techniques of each genre to playing and writing songs like a pro. Teaching students the basics of the guitar all the way to preparing students to audition for their favorite college music program or musical job.

To contact Tyler for lessons at The Perfect 5th email him at