Heather Perry

Piano and Keyboard Instructor Located at the Perfect 5th

Title: Instructor of piano and keyboard.

Genres: Classical, Pop, Rock, Contemporary

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced; Specialty is working with young beginners age 4+

Education: Columbia College

Heather Perry's Summary

I am a musician and teaching artist from Chicago with 10 years of experience teaching piano, bass guitar, guitar, songwriting, and rock ensembles.

After graduating from Columbia College I began working at the renowned Old Town School of Folk Music (www.oldtownschool.org), one of the largest non-for-profit art centers in the country. At OTSFM I taught students age 3 - 8 in the Children's Piano Program and also created original classes for its summer camp. The philosophy of the school is to create a vibrant and inclusive learning environment where everyone - regardless of skill level - can participate in the music making and have fun. I believe in providing my students with a solid foundation of technique and theory but never losing sight of what's most important - the joy and artistry of playing!

I also maintained an independent teaching practice of over 20 families and was rated the #1 private piano instructor for the Lincoln Park and Lincoln Square neighborhoods by Plumwise.com, a privately curated recommendation site of service providers in Chicago. My students ranged in age from 5 - adult and I enjoyed helping them build musicianship with theory, sight reading, ear training, and more. I use the Faber method books with most of my piano students, but I also love accommodating requests! Whether it's classical, ragtime, holiday favorites, or your favorite rock/pop songs from the radio, I am happy to make the music you love a part of your lessons.

I enjoy incorporating a bit of technology into my teaching practice - with my iPad I can use the latest music theory apps and games to enhance my students' experience and keep things especially fun for the younger ones.

I have also had bass and guitar students and volunteered at Chicago's Girls Rock Summer Camp as a bass instructor and band coach. I worked with girls age 9 - 16 to learn beginning, intermediate, and advanced bass theory and techniques as well as songwriting and rock ensemble skills. I love helping my students explore songwriting and collaboration with other players!

I have been teaching at The Perfect 5th Musical Arts Center since July 2015. I love my piano students and I am very excited about the group classes and workshops I will be teaching beginning 2016!

In piano lessons with Heather, students and parents can expect the following:

  • My students use a Faber method lesson book for songs and theory book for written exercises that deepen the student's understanding of musical concepts
  • I supplement lessons with an iPad full of musical games and apps that enhance understanding of theory and keep information fun and engaging for young learners
  • I believe it is important for students to connect with songs that have personal meaning and enjoyment for them; I love accommodating requests for songs from the radio, movies, hymns or sacred music, and any other sources outside of the method books
  • Use of practice charts and motivational rewards to encourage young learners to make practice enjoyable
  • Regular inclusion of ear training and sight reading exercises
  • Information on how to use lead sheets and chord charts as well as chord theory
  • Tips on making connections between guitar and piano for students crossing over to a new instrument
  • A patient and caring teaching method catered to each student's individual needs and interests