Ben Hodge

Acting Instructor

Title: Actor and Director

Education: B.A. English and Acting at Messiah College; Masters in Education from Penn State University

2020 Teen Online Acting Summer Camp

Rekindle your love and passion for acting in a fresh, new way. Study online with Teen Acting Coach Ben Hodge! Each class will provide unique opportunities for Teen Actors -- learn from a CASTING DIRECTOR -- get moving with AMAW LA's Movement & Dance teacher -- AND get tips on self-tapes & auditions from AMAW LA's Camera Class Coach!

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Ben Hodge's Summary

Ben Hodge has been acting and directing for 20 years in a variety of formats. He has directed several productions in York, PA and had his play REACH performed in NYC at an Off-Broadway venue in 2009. Ben studied English and Acting at Messiah College and received his Masters in Education from Penn State University. He has trained in Los Angeles with Anthony Meindl and most recently in NYC with Amey Goerlich. Ben has been the only acting teacher at local Central York High School for the past 15 years where he has developed an innovative and fresh curriculum for young actors aged 13-24. He is very excited to share his curriculum and philosophy with more Central PA area actors through The Perfect 5th family. Ben is looking forward to training and leading new actors to the realization that acting is a more than just a hobby or pastime: it is an honorable profession and a way of life.


Learning is collaborative, specific and engaging!

•What makes you a good actor, makes you a great person.

•"Theatre is the safe place to do the unsafe things."-John Patrick Shanley

•One of the biggest keys to acting success is learning to embrace vulnerability and the process of being seen. We all must learn to give ourselves permission to feel, especially if we are performing.

Greetings! I am Ben Hodge, the acting teacher here at Perfect 5th. I currently offer online instruction using Zoom to connect with students for weekly private lessons as well as online group workshops for ages 12+ from a variety of experience levels.

Transitioning to online lessons has been almost seamless as we continue to learn the fundamentals of acting, auditioning, scene study, text analysis, character development and connection to self and others. The classes are designed to meet each actor at their appropriate skill level while encouraging them to learn from each other through scene study, monologue work, cold reading and audition technique. Online classes also provide the opportunity to record and practice the much needed skill of self-taping and video feedback. During these times of quarantine, social distancing and facing the unknown, we need acting training more than ever. Learning how to FEEL and express authentic emotion is crucial at times like these. As I often say, in these classes we learn not only to be good actors, but good humans as well.

BHStudios @P5 Online Acting Workshop: How we work

What students and professionals have to say about my lessons and training:

"Ben provides an honest view of what actors need to hear. I am impressed by how his views were so similar to mine and noticed that he has a clear passion for the craft of acting. If you are in the small markets of PA and are looking for high quality acting training, look no further than BHStudios."-Danielle Eskinazi, casting director

"Ben shows actors the fun, easy, and empowering way of working that creates refreshing and inspiring performances. He brings a high-level, professional approach to acting to PA. Rock on, Ben!”-Anthony Meindl, Artistic Director of Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop

“Mr. Hodge is an excellent teacher; he brings out the best in my acting, always encouraging me to make bold choices and to be confident in them. My acting is the best it's ever been thanks to him. He equipped me well enough to land the lead in the first non-musical play I auditioned for!” - Grace W.

"Ever resourceful, he is bringing essential information to his students from legitimate teachers and professionals across the U.S. He is a wealth of information for beginners and experienced actors alike."---Marci Liroff Casting Director, Producer

“I worked with BHStudios in school and out of school in classes and productions for my entire high school career. I credit his teachings to making me the person I am today and the confidence I have in myself. He made my high school experience enjoyable and allowed me to come out of my shell on a different platform. Every single lesson was fun and different yet he always knew how to push you further and to where he knew your potential was. I think that every student actor should work with him in some form, his teachings are extremely beneficial and unforgettable”. - Ashley P.

“Ben really believes in his students. No matter your experience when you enter his classes, he will help you find your confidence. I have worked with him since I was 13 years old, and still learn from him at 24. He helped me stop pushing and just be. Taught me to breathe in scenes, and stop avoiding the things in my acting that scared me. Ben applies Anthony Meindl methods that really open an actor to not just their acting talents but a better way of living an emotionally connected life. He has studied in the studio in LA and regularly takes students to the NY studio. His teachings are current and always evolving. I highly recommend working with him.” - Brooke K.

"Ben offers aspiring and working actors a solid, insightful and creative foundation on which strong career goals can be built. Every actor should take full advantage of Ben's knowledge, expertise and commitment to the craft of acting.”-Elizabeth Yoffe, Producer/Casting Director

"Ben has a true passion for the entertainment industry and actors. He strives to inspire, educate and illuminate as many aspects of the business as possible so actors can move forward well-armed, not only to survive but to win.”-Jason Teresi, Breakdown Services Director